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Quality by Tradition

Our founder, Leonidas Konstantopoulos was born in 1930 in a small village close to the city of Kalamata, in the prefecture of Messinia, Greece, an area renowned for cultivating some of the finest olives in the world. Growing up in a traditional agricultural environment, he inherited from his family the passion, knowledge and love for the cultivation of olives that was the main family occupation.


Retail Shop

Leonidas had a great belief in the potential of the traditional knowledge he had learned growing up. He left his hometown at a young age and moved north to Katerini to start out as an olive merchant and harness the wisdom he had gained. In 1956 he began sourcing the finest olives and selling them to olive merchants in the area, it was also in 1956 that his first retail shop opened its doors to customers.


Warehouse in Κaterini

Leonidas Konstantopoulos travelled all over Greece to source the best quality olives and this diligence won him great respect and trust as a purveyor of quality. Through this hard work he was able to open a small warehouse which allowed him to ferment and store the olives he was sourcing. Thus he was able to process the olives and offer a wider choice to customers and expand his operations.


1st Processing Facilities in Katerini

Everything changed in 1979 with the opening of Leonidas' first processing and packaging facility. His youngest son Prokopis, after completing his studies in engineering, expertly bridged the gap between the wisdom of tradition and modern technical advances, which saw the company grow rapidly. From a strong base serving the domestic market, soon the first exports to the markets of central and western Europe began.


2nd Expansion at Katerini Facility

The second milestone was a further expansion of the company with a newer building in the 1990s with fully automated packaging lines. This dedication to offering choice and flexibility for customers was a conscious shift to focus on the varied needs of the export retail business.


3rd Expansion of Katerini Production

Following incredible growth, 2008 was the year of the 3rd and largest expansion at a newer state-of-the-art facility. Incorporating family tradition with extensive experience, innovative technical knowledge and passion, Konstantopoulos S.A. “Olymp” has become a global leader in the field of table olives and olive oil.


Kalamata Facility

In 2014, Konstantopoulos S.A. opened a new plant in the area of Kalamata, focused on the processing and packaging of extra virgin olive oil. The company still remains a family-run company with the first, second (Prokopis Konstantopoulos as CEO, along with his brother George Konstantopoulos) and third generations, working harmoniously together to continue Leonidas Konstantopoulos vision of offering the world the most exceptional olives and olive oil that Greece has to offer.


Chalkidiki Facility

The latest expansion of Konstantopoulos S.A. is the acquisition of another table olive processing facility, located in the Moudania area of Chalkidiki, at the heart of the region that cultivates the Chalkidiki olive variety. This expansion increases our table olive storage capacity by 3,000 tons, along with providing extra pitting and packaging lines for increased production capacity and variety.